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Advisors’ Corner

With academic advisors in mind, this page is curated to share resources related to advising and wellness practices.


Explore some of the resources available to academic advisors at NC State including presentations, worksheets and other tools to help infuse wellness practices into your advising role.

Advising Resources

  • NC State Academic Advisor Basics — Get foundational information about NC State policies and programs.
  • Coordinators of Advising — Find individuals in programs and departments who can assist with advising issues.
  • Academic Advising Programs and Services — See programs for students changing majors, plus coordinators who support international and transfer students.
  • Pack Essentials — Explore programs where advisors can refer students in need of food, housing, financial and educational security.
  • CARES — Use this form to submit a referral for a student about whom you are concerned.
  • Wellness Coaching — With group coaching, individual coaching, and drop-in coaching available, certified wellness coaches work with students to navigate many of the challenges and stressors they face during college, including goal-setting, time management, stress management, resilience, physical activity and nutrition. Students are eligible for four free wellness coaching sessions.

Advisor Development Institute Certificate

This professional development program is designed specifically for advisors. Participate in workshops related to technology and policy, advisee communication and holistic advising, career identity and resources, and inclusive advising.

Resilience Worksheet and Presentation

This resilience Powerpoint presentation and accompanying worksheet can be used as a reflective practice on resilience in a group setting. It asks students to reflect on a person who models resilience, the qualities or characteristics of resilience, thinking traps they experience, alternative thoughts and more.

Advisee Communication and Holistic Advising Workshop

An interactive workshop, “Communicating With Advisees and Holistic Advising Presentation,” focuses on whole-student advising practices, email and in-person communication considerations, and resources for making referrals. The workshop is offered twice in the fall and twice in the spring. To register, visit REPORTER.

Employee Wellness Toolkit

The Employee Wellness Toolkit offers resources for employees to take inventory of their wellness and includes various wellness resources and activities for employees to try.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

This suicide prevention training walks individuals through the three steps of the process: question, persuade and refer. While there is a basic level of training, individuals also have the opportunity to participate in additional QPR training to expand their knowledge base.

Wellness Champions

Wellness Champions is a program designed for university faculty and staff. The program is focused on creating a culture of wellness across colleges, units and departments across campus. Wellness champions volunteer to work on a number of wellness initiatives.

Share Your Own Wellness Resources

Do you have your own advising wellness resources you’d like to share? To have it highlighted on this page, fill out this Google Form.