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Events and Community

There are countless ways to make friends and connections, relax and recharge, and find your Wolfpack at NC State.

Pack Your Calendar

We want every member of the NC State community to feel connected and get involved — on your terms, at your speed, in the ways that matter to you. All year long, we offer a host of university-created events and resources designed to support your needs and ensure your well-being. And there are hundreds more student or community organizations dedicated to anything and everything you care about.

You can view upcoming wellness events below or explore the entire calendar.

Submit a Wellness Event

Create your event with ease by submitting it to the NC State University calendar. Be sure to have your event title, event description, start date and time, and location handy. Finally, select “Health and Wellness” within the “Topic” section and submit your request.

Connect With People

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever your needs, NC State is a place where you can find community and make friends with people who share your passions. It’s a big university, but we strive to make it small through hundreds of student organizations, drop-in spaces, campus community centers, networking groups and dedicated programs and services for students, staff and faculty from every walk of life.

Below, you’ll find just some of the ways you can make our university your own.

Find Your Wolfpack

NC State is home to tens of thousands of people who are passionate about their heritage, hobbies, mental and physical health, or just holding space and making time for the people they care about. We do what we can to share some of their stories — and make sure you find each other.

Native American Student Association president Honiah Adria Locklear (center) speaks with students about the organization and its work.