NC State
Wolfpack Wellness

This event certification offers campus event planners the opportunity to be recognized for event planning that incorporates NC State’s elements of wellness.

Step 1 – Incorporate the Elements of Wellness

Identify which elements of wellness your event plans to incorporate. Use these definitions to guide your planning.

  • Purposeful Wellbeing: Opportunity to regularly engage in personally meaningful and satisfying work that aligns with values and goals.
  • Physical Wellbeing: A dynamic state of managing health by engaging in regular exercise, eating a balanced, nutritious diet, and maintaining adequate sleep.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Ability to be self-aware and cope with challenges and emotional needs while developing overall resiliency.
  • Financial Wellbeing: Awareness of current financial position and budgets and having the resources to meet basic needs by saving and spending wisely.
  • Social Wellbeing: Ability to develop supportive networks through nourishing new or existing relationships.
  • Community Wellbeing: Opportunity to contribute and connect individual passions and strengths that foster a safe and supportive environment.

Step 2 – Submit Your Certification

Step 3 – Promote Your Achievement

Be sure to use this certification as a way to promote your event, including displaying the seal during the event, on event marketing materials and include it in press releases and/or media talking points.

Certified Events